Europe’s kombucha market in 2021

There are two reasons you are reading this site. The first, you are a person who is interested in what is available on the market for healthy foods and drinks because you consume them yourself. If so, you have certainly noticed that their supply in supermarkets and health stores is growing. The variety of shapes, tastes and cuts is enormously increasing. Nowadays it’s much easier to find any type of food or beverage whose purpose is not just to satisfy your hunger or thirst. You have certainly noticed that kombucha in all its types and packs takes up more and more place on the regals. If you are one of these site readers, the good news is that here you will find out that this drink has more and more fans, and you are one of the millions thinking people who daily consume this ancient fermented tea.

If you are from the second group of readers, then you are here because you see a great business opportunity. And you are right!

The kombucha market is the fastest growing market in the functional beverages category

and this site is where a dear reader can not just figure out how to make his kombucha at home, but also find inspiration and knowledge to create industrial production.

What the numbers say!

Over the last 5 years, there has been a steady decline in sales of carbonated soft drinks. On the other side, functional beverages, incl. kombucha have a steady growth with double digits. It is expected to reach 40% in short terms.

What can be the reason for this kombucha boom?

Probably the factors are several, but the most significant, according to US market researchers, is the increasing awareness of the health benefits associated with consuming probiotics on a regular basis. Kombucha is a drink rich in necessary probiotics, and besides, there are still a dozen useful ingredients. Another reason is the growing business focus on healthy foods and beverages. Of great importance is the appearance of more and more kombucha manufacturers, which makes this drink more popular and accessible.

What is happening in Europe?

The kombucha market is growing contributing to Germany, UK and France. The pace is slower than the US market. This is believed to be due to European legislation on probiotics, road infrastructure and logistics, refrigerated transportation and storage. Till now, the potential of this market has been underestimated by traders at all levels of the chain. I say till now, because since I attended BIOFACH / the largest organic food and drink exhibition in Europe / in March 2019, I was convinced that this market is not just in its heyday but is developing lavishly.

Forecasts show that the market for probiotic beverages, incl. kombucha is very far from its peak, and we will have the opportunity to enjoy an even greater variety of tastes in the near future. Forecast figures for Europe are compelling –  according to the reports  the Europe’s kombucha market was valued at around $ 156 million in 2016 and is expected to reach approximately $ 467 millions by 2021. And this is just in two years! These figures imply an opportunity for a fast-paced business in a field that is developing and evolving more and more. Do not be afraid, but act! Currently, supermarkets are releasing more and more space for this drink. Why not be yours?

If you want to learn more about this business opportunity do not hesitate to contact me! I’ll be glad to help you make this incredible journey!

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