Kombucha bar

The desire to eat and live healthy does not bypassed restaurants and pubs around the world. Whether they’re just for drinking or offering food, every owner is looking to serve something interesting, tasty, and healthier to the customers.

Kombucha is a drink with many health benefits, but with an inimitable taste

Some offer only one or two things from this segment, in addition to the menu to satisfy accidentally passing customers with high culinary requirements.

Others make sectors in their menus with such a focus, and some specialize in offering full kitchen and bar. No matter how many foods and beverages are on the market, one thing is clear – the HoReCa channel is paying more and more attention to functional foods and beverages.

Some of them are new to the market, others are well-known recipes that are made with selected raw materials but the thing that unite them is to offer a menu that meet the requirements of an ever-growing audience of consumers who expect more than just a food.

These customers are three types. The first type is a conscious consumer who wants to eat and drink only pure and healthy foods and drinks, the second one are forced to watch what they consume in order to follow specific dietary regimes (gluten-free and lactose-free foods) and others are just followers of the fashion.

Whichever type your customers are they will expect one thing – to surprise them with something special, tasty and healthy!

For foods with such a focus I will not speak here. There are other sites on that topic. Here I will share with you some facts about kombucha drink and options for offering it in the bar.

Worldwide, fermented beverages are becoming more and more popular.

From personal experience I can say that in the last years more and more pubs, cafes and restaurants in Bulgaria started to offer such drinks. And that’s normal.

Fermented beverages as part of the world trend

Fermented beverages, as a part of the world trend for healthy eating, take a special place. Rich in naturally occurring yeast, enzymes and probiotic bacteria and vitamins, they are important for digestion, detoxification and are a useful alternative to conventional carbonated beverages.

And here comes kombucha. It is a drink with many health benefits, but also with an inimitable taste and furthermore – it is naturally carbonated.

Thank to these qualities you have the option to offer kombucha in different variants:

The different kombucha options:

  • Pure kombucha
  • Kombucha, flavored with different syrups and extracts
  • Kombucha non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Kombucha alcoholic cocktails
  • Kombucha smoothie
  • Kombucha beer (if you succeed to make a drink with higher alcohol content)
  • Kombucha as a non-alcoholic wine
  • Kombucha vinegar (for preparing marinades, dressings and direct flavoring of salads)

There are many recipes on the internet on how to serve and combine kombucha. Some of them have been developed with the help of leading Bulgarian bartenders.

Special thanks to Dimitar Dimitrov, who organized many interesting international and national events where we presented kombucha.

On such events we found many followers willing to use kombucha in their practice.

Combination possibilities are endless and because kombucha is a naturally carbonated drink, we have the freedom to achieve truly amazing flavor combinations.

1. When can I start?

Immediately. Do not waste time! Others are already jerking! Contact me to shorten the time, save your money and make your unique kombucha beverage part of your business card.

2. How much would it cost me?

Almost nothing like financial means. More knowledge and effort for which I will help.

3. What else can you help me with?

I will train your bartenders and waiters to know what a kombucha is and how to offer it successfully.

Of course, you could offer kombucha that you bought from next shop. This will definitely climb you one step higher in your user’s rating, but if you offer a kombucha prepared by you and put a label “homemade” on it – you will be at the top of the market.

Making kombucha on site will give you the freedom to produce the tastes and variations of your choice, and to offer it according to season or other theme in the menu.

Your own kombucha will be characterized by tastes that appeal to your customers, not the tastes that are available in the store.

You will be able to surprise your customers continually with new and new variants, and we all know that the customer wants and expects to be surprised.

And last but not least – the preparation of kombucha on site will be more profitable for you than buying a ready one.

If you decide that you want to be unique, offering a modern and increasingly popular drink, but with specific to your place tastes, then I could help you throughout the entire process.

Do not hesitate to contact me. I would be interested to meet you and tell you more about this a bit peculiar drink, in which more and more people fall in love recently.

Need a kombucha consultant?

If you want your bar to offer a unique kombucha, do not hesitate to contact me.

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