Can I lose weight with kombucha?

The answer is clear and unequivocal – yes, you can!

Why do I say that? Let’s look closer at what kombucha contains.

This wonderful drink is naturally rich in enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, essential acids, B group vitamins and many other useful active substances. Since here we are talking about is it possible to lose weight by consuming kombucha, we will only pay attention to the first 4.

Enzymes – I do not need to explain what the enzymes do for the processing of food. Everyone knows that the enzymes have a major contribution to this. Enzymes are contained in so called “live food”, food that has not been treated thermally. Unfortunately, the modern diet does not include many such foods. We usually eat roasted, boiled or fried foods that are delicious but not rich in enzymes.

How then our body will be capable to process this food?

Lactic acid bacteria are part of the microflora of the stomach and intestines. If their populations are not in quantity and type for a normal healthy body, a number of disturbances occur. Therefore, consumption of yogurt, cheeses and kefir is recommended, but sometimes this is not possible, as these products contain lactose.

By drinking kombucha, you obtain a wide variety of lactic acid bacteria without exposing yourself to the risks of the allergen lactose. Did you know that there is a greater variety of lactic acid bacteria in kombucha than in natural yogurt?

Kombucha is one of the few alternatives for people with lactose intolerance, but also for vegetarians who need to obtain these important bacteria.

Yeast – Improves food processing through fermentation. They have been everywhere around us ever since the world begun. Without yeast there would be no bread, beer, wine and other fermented products. There are people who are allergic to yeast and should avoid foods and beverages that contain them but in general they are very important and useful for the metabolism.

Basic acids – I’m not going to talk about them in detail, because every second diet includes the intake of apple or other kind of vinegar. There are thousands of articles that explain the relationship of these acids to overweight reduction. Kombucha naturally contains more than 10 basic acids.

After this brief overview of how kombucha influences weight loss I will tell you that over the years I have observed the effect of the drink on dozens of friends and acquaintances who got rid of excess weight. And the best thing is that the weight loss is just a bonus for everything else you can get as a healthy benefit from this amazing drink.

Here is the “secret” recipe how to begin to like your look in the mirror:

Drink 200-250 ml of kombucha before each meal. If the drink contains ginger, the effect will be even better.

Important – kombucha is not a magic drink! If you do not stop visiting fast food restaurants, eat pastries and pasta everyday and drink highly sweetened carbonated beverages, do not expect miracles until the beginning of summer. Kombucha will help you in the long run. What are you waiting for?

For visitors to the site, it would be helpful to share your experience in losing weight with kombucha. Please share your story with us!

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