Questions about the consumption of kombucha

Frequently Asked Questions about Kombucha Consumption

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1. Can it be taken by children?

Yes. Kombucha is the only alternative to carbonated beverages. However, I recommend that the children should be over 6 years of age.

2. Can it be taken instead of water?

Nothing can replace water intake, but kombucha is a great addition to your daily beverages.

3. How much kombucha can I drink daily?

As much as you want. It’s a daily drink, not a medicine.

4. Can it be taken by pregnant and lactating women?

I would not recommend. The drink has a strong detoxifying effect, and in this state the fetus and neonate are directly dependent on the feeding nutrients and breastmilk.

5. Can it be consumed with alcohol?

Yes, you can even make great alcoholic cocktails.

6. Is there a culinary application of kombucha?

If you make vinegar, you can make some great dressings. But there are many other options.

7. And are there sponge applications outside of making my kombucha drink?

Yes, you can make candy, you can apply it on an open wound, or make sushi, replacing fish with pieces of sponge; you can add it in the diet of your dog or use it as a facial mask.

8. Is it true that kombucha has a hangover effect?

Just try and you’ll thank me every Sunday!

9. Can I use kombucha vinegar to prepare pickles?

I would not recommend. Kombucha vinegar is very light, fine vinegar with an acetic acid content of about 3%. Vinegars on the market usually have 6% acetic acid content.

10. How to use kombucha in cosmetics?

The sponge is used as a face mask, and the drink – for cleansing and toning skin in the evening. However, I recommend initially to test carefully on a small area of the elbows. Kombucha is full of active substances and you never know how sensitive your skin is.

11. Can I drink kombucha along with high blood pressure medicines?

I do not know any reason that you cannot, on the contrary, but better consult your GP to be sure.

12. What diseases could be cured by kombucha?

Kombucha is not a cure! Kombucha influences some processes and functions in your body that in turn favorably affect others. In "Kombucha and Health" you can read more, with links to research on the subject.

13. Can kombucha affect my stomach acidity problems?

Kombucha is a drink that alkalizes the body (tissue acidity), but the quick effect is calming the stomach acids.

14. How do I take it to help my digestion as much as possible?

A glass before, during or immediately after a meal. This will be enough and soon you’ll realize that you are no longer breathing heavily after eating.

15. Can I make cocktails with kombucha?

This is my favorite! You can get amazing combinations! There are many recipes on the internet!

Frequently Asked Questions

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