About Me

My name is Dimitar Peev and I am proud to say that I am the first one in Bulgaria, passed all the way from the home jar to the store shelves in kombucha brewing. I would be happy to be a part of your business project or your efforts to make your home made kombucha.

My first touch with kombucha was in 2007. I was invited to head a small at that time food and innovative medicine firm.

Then, in the portfolio of the company, I saw this strange drink in several flavors.

The company imported it for 1-2 years on the Bulgarian market and sold it with no great success. Soon I was convinced that the market is not ready for kombucha and closed this topic.

This was a closed page for the company, until a community of people who wanted to live healthier or at least bother to choose what they eat and drink started to develop before my eyes few years later.

Then I realized that it was time for kombucha. It took me several months to find, summarize and analyze the scant information about that drink.

Veiled in mystery and mysticism, this theme charmed me completely. The year was 2011.

I ordered a culture from a certified manufacturer abroad.

I started to make kombucha at home in a 5-liter jar from my aunt Any’s pharmacy. Not long after I had a few jars with different types of kombucha.

My wife and child (he was six years old then) were my first fans and critics. Of course, we could not drink so much kombucha and soon neighbors, friends and colleagues were drinking it on a regular basis.

We started to exchange ideas on what taste they like most. They were my first focus groups for which I am very grateful.

Unexpectedly for myself, I saw how the kombucha theme is particularly interesting for most people.

Believe me, during these first few years, I rarely met a person who had heard a word about it, not to mention for what it was used for… Nevertheless, I could see the shine in their eyes when I told them about the beverage and even more when they had the opportunity to enjoy its mystique taste.

So, in December 2012, with the help of many friends, colleagues, and finance from the company whose sales director I was, we bottled the first industrial produced kombucha in Bulgaria.

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