Kombucha in Bulgaria

I remember how in the early years of democracy the neighbors in the neighborhood exchanged a mysterious sponge in jars.

They brewed teas and drank a carbonated sour drink.

We wondered about them, but then we paid little attention to their healthy hobbies, which have faded for 2-3 years.

Twenty years later I found out that they were exchanging kombucha sponge, but then they used to call it a “tea sponge”.

At that time (2012) on the shelf of a local greengrocery in Pavlovo district, Sofia, proudly (and surprisingly) appeared the first bottle of kombucha.

At first, there were only 3 types in 500-ml PET bottles, with new flavors gradually arising.

Maybe a year later appeared the packaging of 330 ml bottle which was designed for HoReCa and petrol stations market.

Kombucha on the market in Bulgaria

At the moment on the market in Bulgaria, 8 types of conventional kombucha can be purchased in a 500 and 330 ml bottles, as well as 3 types of organic kombucha in a 330 ml bottle.

And the development of kombucha is yet to come!

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