It’s winter time! How to prepare kombucha in such a cold weather?

The optimum temperature for the balance between bacteria and yeast in kombucha is about 23-24 °C.

Such temperature allows to the drink to develop in a right way. In the cold months of the year (every year in winter in Bulgaria there are places with -19 degrees) it is more difficult to maintain optimal tea temperature.

Low temperature slows down the fermentation process, which can lead to a change in taste and even to mold contamination.

Here are some practical tips on how to maintain the right temperature during the winter.

  1. Put the jar with kombucha near appliances that run continuously and emit some heat:
    • On top of a refrigerator,
    • To TV,
    • To a boiler,
    • On a higher shelf (above is warmer)
    • In the oven by turning on the lights (without turning the oven on, of course!)
  2. Isolate the container – although weak, fermentation generates heat. Wrap the jar with insulation (clothes, towels, etc.) and thus keep the heat accumulated by the process.
  3. Put more starter liquid at the very beginning – it will speed up the process and boost the fermentation and hence the temperature rise.
  4. Add a heating source – on the market you could find thermo bands, thermo pads, etc. that you can place around/under the container and give it the warmth you need. In such a solution, it is important to have a thermometer near at hand to measure the temperature continuously. You can also use an aquarium heater (you can find such heaters in aquarium stores). The rule is: 1w warms up to about 24-25 degrees 1l of liquid. However, it is important to keep in mind the temperature of the room. Again, I remind you to use a thermometer. You can stick on thermometer strip (again from the aquarium stores) and watch what happens.

These are some useful tips. Choose the right one for you. It is important for the SCOBY/sponge/culture to be warm and cozy in the winter days and nights, just as it is important for you.

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