Healthy with Kombucha

Have you ever wondered why kombucha is becoming an increasingly popular beverage?

Questions about brewing kombucha

Answers to frequently asked questions about brewing kombucha.

Questions about the consumption of kombucha

Answers to questions asked about the consumption of kombucha.

Industry for $ 800 million

The kombucha globe market for 2016 is estimated at 760 million dollars, and for the next few years is ready to grow by 23% on an annual basis.

$ 5.45 billion market

$ 5.45 billion global commotion market of kombucha in 2025.

30-50% annual growth

Annual growth of 30% in conventional grocery stores and more than 50% growth in bio-shops.

Turnover for millions

$ 200 million in 2014 and $ 700 million in 2018 in the US.

Kombucha in Bulgaria

2012 is the first industrially produced kombucha in Bulgaria.

Kombucha in Europe

The biggest consumer of kombucha in Europe in the past 2 years is Germany.

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